Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
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Welcome to our "About Curly Horses" section! I know when I first discovered this unique and rare breed, I couldn't get enough information on them!! Fortunately, there is much more information available today than when we began with this breed many years ago! Just click on the links to the different pages to get started! I know you will be amazed! Even all these years later, I love learning more about them! :-) Each nugget of their amazing and mysterious history that is discovered, each new genetic discovery that is found, and always love reading the wonderful testimonies and stories from other owners too!! Enjoy!

Curly Horse History

So much of the breed's history is still a mystery! But what a treasure hunt it is for each small nugget of information! Steeped in adventures from all over the globe from Chinese emperors, cowboys and Indians and even Napoleon! Read more!
What about those AMAZING CURLS?!!

Awesome and unique in the equine world! Crushed velvet waves to down-right kinky, soft or coarse, there are variations in their unique coats. Do they require more care than a normal coat?
Get answers here!

Curly Horses are HYPO- ALLERGENIC!!

Can you believe this picture is of someone who is extremely allergic to horses! Forced to choose between having to suffer the consequences if I spent any time with horses or keep my distance from them all-together for years. Curly horses made my dreams come true!
Read my story and learn more about allergy information here!

Pun intended!! Yes they have curly tails, but one of the favorite past times of any curly lover is sharing curly TALES of their fun and adventures with this amazing breed!
They are so full of personality and love being with their humans - fun stories abound! Read some here!

Ok - we've told your our stories....but we are biased!! :-) We think they are the most wonderful horses on the planet, but what do others say after visiting the curlies or purchasing one of our horses?? 
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Curly Registries and Information

Links to the American registries for curly horses and other informational links.
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