Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
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The horses of Three Feathers have been featured in several magazine and

newspaper articles, breed books, videos and advertisements. They have been

the inspiration for professional artwork and have won many photo contests.

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Magazine & Newspaper Articles
Saddle and Stirrups Magazine- June - September 2013
The horses of Three Feathers are proud to be featured in a 3-part series of
articles for Saddle and Stirrups magazine. The first article tells our story-
how we came to own, know and LOVE the American Curly Horse! Part 2 focuses
on the characteristics of this amazing breed and the 3rd article in the series will
delve into the mysterious history of the curly haired horse. 
Article and photography by Shawn Tucker.
Our stallion Nagi adorns the cover of the magazine to announce the article.
Nagi showing off his curls...
Baby Pemni. Our mare MeSesko's 2013 filly.
Our beautiful Hopa with her days old 2012 colt, Amani.
MeSesko and Cikala running to the barn for dinner! Sporting their winter curls!
Close-up shots of colt Amani's curls....
Thed last page of the article features a close up of Cikala's curly, feminine eye lashes. ;-)
Article #2 now out!
This one focuses on
the amazing characteristics
and personality traits of the
American Curly Horse!

(They did misspell MeSesko's filly's name-
it is Pemni, not Penni.)
Our stallion Nagi graces the opening page of the article....
Yep- that is me with baby Tahalo. Now all grown up and living with his new owners in England where is bringing home
lots of ribbons as he starts his show career! And, his first foal is on thew way, due in the spring of 2014!

Bottom picture is of our beautiful Hopa with her days old colt, Amani. Amani left us just this summer
for his new home in Canada where he will be a herd breeding stallion.

LOVE the close-up shots of their great curls!
Background is the black, crushed velvet coat of our mare Katee. Babies are such special fun!
Trevor getting some love from Cikala and Amani as foals.
This photo shows feeding time in the winter with stallion Nagi, young Amani and mare MeSesko in the background.
Love being able to share those special first moments as mama and baby get acquainted!
Fun training session with Tahalo! Calm, confident and playful from day one!!
MeSesko with her new filly- Pemni. MeSesko shown here almost done with her spring
shed of her winter curls to a more seasonable summer coat!
Article #3 now out! This one focuses on the mysterious and fascinating history of the CURLY HORSE!  (Some of what we know of it anyway!)
A newly arrived Cikala graces the opening page of the article.
Page 2 features a wonderful photo of wild curly horses in North America by photographer Tamara Gooch.
See more of her images at
Page 3 features original art work by artist AmyLyn Bihrle-  a painitng using our sweet Amani as her inspiration.
See more in our special section featuring more of her paintings of our beautiful herd!
And see more of her work on her website-
Page 7 of the article sports a beautiful image of our lovely mare Hopa running through the snow here
on our Kentucky farm. If you look close- you might notice a bit of a bulge under those curls-
baby Amani on the way for the next spring! ;-)

And on the concluding page of the article is a photo of the author with our baby colt Tahalo.
Saddle and Stirrups is a new and exciting weekly publication dedicated to horse owners, admirers and
the on-going support of the equine community.Saddle and Stirrups is packed with fascinating articles
written by a selection of highly knowledgeable professionals from around the world.
Check it out at-
Horse Illustrated- November 2012
The horses of Three Feathers Native Curly horses were proud to be featured in the November 2012 issue of Horse Illustrated to represent the American Curly Horses! We were especially proud and honored to have our young stallion,Tahalo, grace the front cover!
Our handsome stallion, Nagi, takes up the full opening page of the article on page 42.
Our sweethearts- Cikala (pinto) and Tahalo (buckskin) are found on page 46, with MeSesko, Katee and Ecani in the background.
Beauties MeSesko (buckskin), Katee (black) and Hopa (pinto) adorn page 49 to complete the article.
Blaze Magazine- Winter 2013 Issue
Three Feathers is proud to represent the American Curly Horse breed in the winter 2013 issue of Blaze Magazine. Blaze is geared for younger horse enthusiasts age 9 - 14 years old. Won't it be great if some little girls who have dreams of having a horse, but couldn't because of their allergies, can come true from discovering wonderful hypo-allergenic curly horses in the magazine! Curly horse photos taken by Shawn Tucker.
Our sweet mare, MeSesko, makes the cover. They put curlers in her hair to make it fun for the kids! ;-)
Our handsome stallion Nagi graces the first page of the feature article on curly horses.
Page 2 of the article gives the reader some information on this unique and wonderful breed.
On page 3, the top photo is once again of MeSesko, taken in the winter in her full curly glory!! The bottom photo is of our lovely mare, Hopa.
The article is rounded up on page 4 with some facts about curly horses and some more pictures. The top photo is a close up of Hopa's gorgeous spiraled dreadlocks in her mane. The second photo is of Nagi, showing the characteristic double mane. The adorable white curls shown in the 3rd photo belong to our colt, Amani. The close up of the curly ears also belongs to Hopa. And the bottom photo show the wet waves of our mare Maizzie's coat.
Our sweet colt, Amani, is the center-fold poster model!
There is also a short story featuring curly horses included in the magazine.
(Photo not of Three Feathers horse)
Young Rider Magazine- May/June 2011 Issue
Three feathers Native Curly Horses was thrilled when the editor of Young Rider Magazine, Lesley Ward, called and wanted to come to our farm to photograph our horses for an upcoming issue of the magazine to feature curly horses in their breed profile section. It was a fun day out with the horses photographing them!
Page 1 of the article features a picture of our stallion Nagi.
Page 2 of the article is a full page photo of our filly Cikala. We lovingly referred to her as our 'little rug' at this stage. Interestingly, since she was born in September, she really never lost her foal coat- it just grew longer and longer over the winter! She was such an adorable fuzz ball! ;-)
The third page of the article features a picture of our MeSesko in her full curly winter coat and a close up of our beautiful Hopa's winter coat.
Below is an article that appeared on the Kentucky Horse Council's website and in their e-newsletter regarding a local horse appearing in the national magazine.

Local Rare Breed Farm Featured in National Magazine

By Shawn Tucker, Three Feathers Farm

The following article appeared in the Kentucky Horse Council's May 5th, 2011 weekly newsletter.

A rare breed of horses, raised by Three Feathers Native Curly Horses of Lawrenceburg, KY, are A rare breed of horses, raised by Three Feathers Native Curly Horses of Lawrenceburg, KY, are currently featured in the May/June issue of Young Rider magazine. This issue of Young Rider contains a breed profile and features photos of horses taken at Three Feathers farm.  Three Feathers breeds, raises and trains American Curly Horses.

There are only about 3,000 Curly horses registered in the US and Three Feathers is one of only two breeding farms in the Commonwealth registered with the American Bashkir Curly Registry.
Curly horses have unique curly coats which are hypo-allergenic for people suffering from allergies to horses, and their shed hair is spin-able and weave-able like wool. Horse-loving, but allergic visitors to the farm are all smiles and even sometimes in tears, as they are able to touch, groom, love-on and even ride without suffering their normal allergic reactions to horses.

Curly horses are also known for having extremely calm, intelligent, friendly, curious and willing personalities, often being described as having "puppy dog" temperaments. Many therapeutic riding facilities are learning about the calm and willing personalities of the curly horse and are seeking them for their programs. The horses really seem to connect with the students and take extra care with them.

Curly horses are known to excel in all disciplines from endurance and western pleasure to dressage and vaulting. The breed has a wonderful and mysterious history that continues to be unraveled, much of which is deeply rooted in the American west and beyond.
Thanks to Young Rider, many readers will get the chance to learn more about this little-known, unique breed. Pick up your copy to learn more today or visit

Photos by Shawn Tucker, Three Feathers Creative Photography
Equine Journal- October 2012
Three Feathers submitted an article to the ABC Registry for their monthly feature in Equine Journal regarding our horses Tahalo and Cikala that were headed to their new home in the United Kingdom. Article and photos by Shawn Tucker.
Equine Journal- November 2012
The November issue of Equine Journal included a summary of the ABC Registry's recent 42nd annual convention in Reno, NV. Three Feathers submitted photos taken by Shawn Tucker for the annual photo contest and won first place in 5 categories and 4 of the photos were featured in the article.
Country Life- Summer 2011 Issue
Country Life Magazine invited readers to submit a short article for their upcoming 'Love my Livestock' feature they were going to have in an future issue. Always eager to tell of how curly horses made my horsemanship dreams come true, I submitted a brief article and photo of our filly Cikala and it was selected to be and included in the feature.
The Anderson Advantage
This photo of Hopa dashing through the snow was chosen for the cover of the holiday issue of a local community magazine called The Anderson Advantage here in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Photo and cover design by Shawn Tucker.
Maizzie and her new filly, Wahca ZI, grace the cover of the Spring 2013 edition of The Anderson Advantage. Photo and cover design by Shawn Tucker
Newspaper Articles
The Anderson News
The local paper here in Lawrenceburg, KY, came out to see what these rare and wonderful curly horses are all about!
Breed Books
The Majesty of the Horse
We were honored to have the horses of Three Feathers chosen to represent the American Curly Horse breed in this beautiful book written by Tamsin Pickeral and featuring the photography of Astrid Harrison. When Astrid came to the farm, she was enamored with the horses gentle and curios nature. She had difficulty photographing them- but in a way she hadn't experienced with the other horses she had photographed all over the world for the book. She wanted to photograph them in their natural setting so we went out into the pasture with them. But, having the curious nature that curly horses are known for, she had trouble keeping them far enough away from her to get the pictures! They kept coming up close to her wanting to get to know her and check out all of her camera equipment. It was a fun afternoon and the timing was great as we had a new little foal on the farm- our lovely little Cikala. Astrid focused much of her attention on Cikala and her mama, our beautiful Hopa.
Link to purchase book here
Photo of our mare Hopa with her new little filly Cikala chosen for the introduction to the section on the curly horse breed.
Curl close-up shots of little Cikala's adorable fuzzy mane and tight soft body curls and Hopa's long spiraled dreadlock mane.
Below is an article that appeared on the Kentucky Horse Council's website and in their e-newsletter regarding a local horse farm appearing in this world-wide published breed book.
She came for the CURLS!!

This article appeared in the October 18, 2010 issue of the Kentucky Horse Council's weekly newsletter.

Professional British equine photographer, Astrid Harrisson, came to Kentucky, the Horse Capitol of the World, to find some of the subjects for a new coffee table style book on horse breeds to be titled The Majesty of the Horse. The book will be written by Tamsin Pickeral, renowned author of many reference books on the subject of horses, and will include photographs by Astrid of nearly 90 different horse breeds.
American Curly Horses were on Astrid's list of horse breeds she was to locate and photograph for the upcoming book. She had never seen a curly horse prior to her recent visit to Three Feathers Native Curly Horses farm in Lawrenceburg, KY last week. Astrid was immediately smitten with this unique and rare breed of horse!

There are only approximately 3,000 registered here in the US, and Three Feathers is one of only two breeding farms in the state registered with the American Bashkir Curly Horse registry, founded in 1971. This remarkable breed is mostly known for their unique curly coats which can range from tight, micro-curls to big, soft, loose curls. When they shed in the spring the hair is even spinable and weavable like wool.
In addition, they sport curls in their ears, spiraled double manes and tails, curly fetlocks and curly eyelashes throughout the year. But the most amazing characteristic about their unique curly coats is that it has been found to be HYPO-ALLERGENIC for those suffering with allergies to horses! Curly horses have many other endearing traits as well for which most owners remark are even more outstanding than their curly coats.

They are known to be very gentle and intelligent, extremely calm, and exceedingly curious. When confronted with a new or unknown object, most curlies will not run or shy away from it, but, instead are drawn to it to check it out. The horses at Three Feathers were no exception as Astrid could barely keep them at a distance far enough to photograph as they kept coming to her to say "Hi!", trade scratches and help her with her camera equipment! 

A favorite pastime of curly owners is to swap stories of their curly horse antics and reactions from people who encounter them for the first time in utter amazement of their extremely calm and willing demeanor, as well as all those luscious curls! One of Three Feather's favorite tales recounts how a member of the family mounted one of their young, untrained mares bareback and with only a halter and lead rope, rode her all over the farm one day without any objections from her.

Curly horses have a unique and mysterious history, fitting of the unique breed. While their ancient history tracks all over the world and remains much of a mystery, their more recent history is deeply rooted in the American west. Both the Sioux and Crow nations used them as mounts and curly haired horses are even depicted in a Sioux winter count drawing by Chief Red Cloud of the Battle of Little Big Horn from the year 1876. The Dameles, an Italian ranching family, are credited with being the first "white" men to discover these unique horses running within the wild mustang herds in Nevada. They found them to be intelligent, sturdy and willing ranch horses and started purposely breeding them after one of the harshest winters on record in 1951 in which the only horses to survive were the curly horses.
Curly horses today range in size and body types and excel in all equine disciplines from dressage and endurance to reining and trail mount. So, look for The Majesty of the Horse, to read more on the unique American Curly Horse and more of your favorite horse breeds. The book is scheduled for retail in 2011.
Photographs courtesy of Astrid Harrisson & Shawn Tucker, Three Feathers Creative Photography
The Great Horse Breeds of the World
The Great Horse Breeds of the World by Bonnie Marlewski-Probert. The International Curly Horse Organization ran a photo contest among the members for photos to included in this book to represent the American Curly Horse breed. A photo of our little Cikala taken by Shawn Tucker was selected as one of the winners. Link to purchase book here-
Book Covers
Zero Beats per Minute by author Tena Bastian.
Featuring our mare katee and her new colt, Nagi.
Photo and cover design by Shawn Tucker. Link to purchase book here-
Inspiration for Professional Artwork
We here at Three Feathers were honored when artist AmyLyn Bihrle asked
permission to use some of our photography of the horses for inspiration for
her paintings! We said "OF COURSE!" And we have been thrilled with each
painting she has done and love to see the likeness of some of our herd in
each piece!
We put together a short video showing the process from photo
inspiration to finished artwork as well as all the paintings AmyLyn has
done to date along with the photos of the horses that inspired them.

Watch the short video showing the art work inspired by the horses of Three feathers-

Stained Glass
Also included in the video are stained glass patterns inspired by photos of the
horses here at Three Feathers designed by artist Sanda Phipps of
zark Mountain Stained Glass.
  (Link to purchase patterns on our 'links' page.)

Our farm logo in stained glass- pretty cool, huh?!!
Check out these videos featuring the beautiful horses of
Three Feathers Native Curly Horses!
These videos were made to share and inform people about American
Curly Horses at the World Equestrian Games held here in Kentucky in 2010
and at the Kentucky Horse Council's Kentucky Equine Networking Association's
meeting November 2011.
Photos & videos by Shawn Tucker.

Babies are special here at Three Feathers! Such a special time when we have new babies on the farm!
What a joy and privilege it is to share in their first hours and days of life!
Here is a video showing some of those special moments....
Calendar Covers and Pages
Over the years, Three Feathers has had pages in our breed registry's annual calendar and won the photo contest for the cover spot a few times.
2013 ICHO Calendar Cover
featuring Hopa running through the snow.
Photo by Shawn Tucker.
June 2013 Calendar Page
featuring Hopa and her new colt, Amani.
Photo and design by Shawn Tucker.
2012 Calendar Cover
featuring Louis riding Maizzie dressed in honor of her Lakota Sioux heritage.

Photo by Shawn Tucker

2012 February Calendar Page
Trevor with Hopa & Cikala dressed in honor of their Lakota Sioux Heritage.

Photo and design by Shawn Tucker
2012 October Calendar Page
Louis & Maizzie dressed in honor of her Lakota heritage.
Photos & design by Shawn Tucker.
2011 October Calendar Page
Featuring Hopa and her new little filly Cikala. Photos and design by Shawn Tucker.
2010 October Calendar Page
Featuring our mare Lila Ecani. Photo by Shawn Tucker.
2009 October Calendar Page
featuring our young stallion Nagi. Photo by Shawn Tucker.
2008 April Calendar Page
featuring Maizzie, her filly Ecani, Katee and her colt Nagi. Photos by Shawn Tucker.
2007 January Calendar Page
featuring a young Hopa. Photos by Shawn Tucker.
2006 Calendar Cover
featuring Maizzie and her second filly Hopa. Photo (one of my favorites!) by Shawn Tucker.
2006 June Calendar Page
featuring Maizzie and her first and second foals, MeSesko and Hopa. Photos by Shawn Tucker
Various Ads
featuring the horses of Three Feathers. Photos and designs by Shawn Tucker.
ICHO Gazette Ads- Photos and design by Shawn Tucker
ABC Registry Ad- photos and design by Shawn Tucker
Three Feathers Native Curly Horse Ad
for Curly Horse Country website.
Photos and design by Shawn Tucker.