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Allergy Information

My Testimony
Hello, my name is Shawn Tucker. Like a lot of girls, I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. I had the chance to have a few over my years growing up, but we moved quite a bit, so they were in and out on my life a lot. When I started college at the University of Kentucky, I decided to take one "fun" class for myself each semester. So, I enrolled in the equitation courses they offered there. I really enjoyed learning all aspects of horsemanship from health, care and anatomy to dressage and jumping! There was just one little problem. Well, actually it was a BIG problem. I was terribly allergic to horses. My class mates would all laugh at me while at the same time feeling sorry for me. Each class I showed up with all of my pockets stuffed with as many tissues as they could possibly hold. By the end of each class I was sneezing, nose running profusely, wheezing with every breath and I could barely breathe. Our classes were on an every-other-day schedule and by the time I was feeling better, it was time for my next class. But, I didn't let that deter me from my love of all things horse!! So, I decided to go to an allergy doctor to see if there was any help available. This was one of the most depressing days of my life. As they tested me, I reacted to various other things as well, but the area where they tested for horses swelled up like I had an egg under my skin. The doctor's "bedside" manner left something to be desired, to say the very least. He just kept going on and on about how he had NEVER seen anyone THAT allergic to horses! He was astounded and even a little excited, I think, to have witnessed such a phenomenon! At this time, I was actually considering a career in the horse industry, but after that day, decided it was not a good idea. They recommended allergy shots several times a week, but because I was so allergic, the amount of allergen in the shots was extremely small and would take MANY years to build up the doses enough to have any effect on my allergies.  I started them, but quickly gave them up feeling defeated. So, I changed my career goals, eventually got married and started our life together. We have family and friends who have horses and I was invited to ride any time I wanted, but knowing how I would suffer for days for even just a short time with horses, I usually turned them down. But, I never gave up on my dream to have horses. I told my husband, Louis, that we would plan to get horses early in the spring and that I would just pretty much write the year off until my body learned to deal with it! You see, I had grown up with cats in the house and sleeping on feather pillows and these were two other items I also tested positive for during my visit to the allergy doctor. I knew that repeated exposure over long periods of time would lessen the effect. That is basically how the allergy shots work as well. So, life went on and we had our son, Trevor and finally came to the point in our lives where we were able to acquire a small farm. We began to think of getting some horses. Then one day, while on a home school field trip to the Kentucky Horse Park, I heard of a breed of horse I had never heard of before. We were sitting in the bleachers watching the "Parade of Breeds" demo when this unusual looking horse went around in front of us and the announcer described the American Curly Horse, told of it's mysterious history and the fact that it's curly coat was HYPO-ALLERGENIC for those who suffered from horses allergies! Well, I nearly jumped straight off the bleachers right then! I couldn't get to the announcer's booth quickly enough to get information! I took home a brochure and started doing my own research on this rare breed of horses. At that time, the closest CURLY HORSES I could find were in Tennessee. So we contacted the farm and made plans to go for a visit. When we got to the field where the horses were, the horses came over to us and from years of avoiding them, it was hard to drop my guard and touch them. But, slowly, I gave up my inhibitions and soon found myself petting, stroking and even nuzzling my nose in their curly coats! And guess what? NO REACTION!! Wow! I couldn't believe it!! So, we went home and I started searching for curly horses to bring to our new farm!! In a short time we had two mares and were expecting a new foal as one of the mares was expecting a new foal soon. Let me just tell you- when that little curly bundle of joy was born, there was nothing I could have enjoyed more than rubbing and petting her all over and especially nuzzling my nose in the soft, new-born curls!!  What a joy and privilege!! Today, we currently are up to 9 curly horses and have our very first ever offered for sale. As much as I love them and hate to give them up, I look forward to the privilege of making someone else's dreams come true by owning a curly horse!!

Now, I want to share something else with you. We first came to this breed because of my allergies. BUT, after having them, I can tell you that even if not for my allergies, they would be my breed of choice!! Their personalities are even more exceptional than their wonderful, hypo-allergenic, curly coats! They are extremely calm, intelligent, friendly and willing partners. Sometimes I think we forget how truly different they are in this regard because they are all we have here on our farm and we aren't around any others very often. Then we hear stories, watch trainers with problem horses on TV or have visitors here to our farm who are in awe of them. We fell so head-over-heels for them and having the little ones, we moved to a bigger farm so we could have more room for more horses! We have some fun stories to tell about their wonderful personalities- be sure to check out our "CURLY TALES" page!  

Added Note- Unfortunately, the Kentucky Horse Park does not have a CURLY HORSE at the park at this time. There have been some on loan to them on occasion over the years, but currently there is not one there. If you'd like to see one in person for yourself- give us a call, we are only about 40 minutes from the horse park!
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