Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
Our goal is quality, not quantity!

Our Herd

Meet the members of our herd! Each horse has their own page complete with lots of pictures and stories! Click on their photos to take you to each horse's individual page to see more pictures and information.
The Guys

"Nagi" (Nah-Jee)
TFN Nagi Hanhepi Wi To

"Piya" (Pi-yah)
TFN Piya Ileye Iha Ble
"Tahalo" (Dah-hah-loh)
TFN Warrior's Cica Tahalo
"Wanji" (Wahn-Jee)
TFN Wanji Lecetu Tiyatoni
The Gals

Lazy C Kurlee Katee

Warrior's Maizzie

"MeSesko" (Meh-shesh-koh)
TFN MeSesko Warrior

"Hopa" (Hoh-pah)
TFN Warrior's Apo Hopa

"Cikala" (Chee-kah-lah)
TFN Woyawaste Cikala


"Cica" (Chee-chah)
TFN Wicicala Ista To
"Zaska"  (Zah-skah)
TFN Wachi Winyan MaZaska
"Niya" (Nee-Yah)
Coming Soon!
Gone on to new homes

"Tankala" (Dahn-kah-lah)
TFN Wicasa Tankala

"Ecani" (Ay-chah-nee)
TFN Warrior's Lila Ecani
"Wahca Zi" (Wah-chah-zee)
TFN Warrior's Wahca Zi
"Amani" (Ah-mah-nee)
TFN Amani Huhunpa
"Pemni" (Pay-mnee)
TFN Wase Pemni
Adorable CURLY Babies!
Visit our baby page to see lots of great pictures of all of our horses when they were adorable and cuddly curly babies!