Three Feathers Native Curly Horses
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TFN Wanji Lecetu Tiyatoni

5 Year Old Stud Colt

Wanji is a special guy! He is the last colt out of the great pairing of our stallion Nagi with our beautiful mare Hopa. He is a dark chocolate bay tri-colored dun pinto.  Like all of our foals out of these two, he has excellent conformation, striking good looks, and a personality that just does not get any better. He is exceptionally calm, willing and eager to please. And this guy is exceptionally SMART! Check out the video at the bottom of the page for an example! ;-) He is an extreme curly, so he has a great soft curly coat and will most likely be homozygous for passing on curls to the next generation. He keeps a mane and tail, which is an added bonus for an extreme curly. His name means "One Way Home" for the beautiful cross on his face.

Wanji is currently for sale to an approved breeding home. See our sales page.

And what a smarty pants - checkout this video of how he learned to open the complicated latch on the round pen. ;-)